Our principles


It is vital to understand who our clients really are and what matters to them.


We want our clients to understand our strategy, educating them and respecting their ultimate approval.


An effective investment strategy can be achieved with simplicity. Transparency, liquidity and relative benefits vs costs are our priorities.


We advise what clients would do themselves if they had the skills and the required expertise.

How we work for you


Financial Assets Overview

A preliminary assessment is performed on the existing portfolios to define the overall risk exposure. This procedure is essential to enhance client awareness, identify specific need, define risk tolerance and formulate further actions.



Once we have agreed the investment strategy we execute it focusing on risk management and protecting investors from uncompensated risk, excessive costs and emotional decision making.


Consolidated Reporting

By providing a single report, we help clients better understand their portfolio, often spread across several financial service institutions.


Advisor Collaboration

Our clients often ask us to co-ordinate the work of every professional related to their assets.


Wealth Planning

We help manage the risks associated with concentrated exposure to private or public companies or other illiquid assets (private and commercial real estate).

How we deliver

Our core philosophy is based on discipline, analytical rigour and understanding.

Investment decisions are valuation based seeking symmetric risk reward while minimising transaction frictions.

At VISHON we aim to generate an anxiety adjusted return based on a client’s adequate expectations over the stress exposure they are capable of facing.