Independent Financial Advice

Where intellectual capital and human values coexist

Who we are

VISHON is an independent investment boutique providing financial advice to entrepreneurs, families and corporates.

We are a privately-owned partnership based in London since 2009.

VISHON operates a transparent advisory model across multiple jurisdictions and custodians.

What we can do for you

We make complex investment portfolios easy to understand.

We select solid financial service providers and recommend suitable and cost-efficient investment ideas.

We design a bespoke portfolio.

VISHON aggregates your financial information: all of your portfolios and market data visualized in one place to facilitate monitoring and informed investment decisions.

What makes us special

We strive to be both respectful individuals and outstanding professionals, encouraging intellectual capital and human values to coexist.

Our core identity: we invest time and cognitive energy to precisely figure out what is the right thing to do for you.

We believe acting with loyalty and embracing integrity can stimulate a conscious mutual respect.

How our clients would describe us


Our business culture is based on wealth preservation.


Being remunerated a fully disclosed fee we are economically free to deliver purely what matters.


We are intellectually free: observant of market consensus but detached from prevailing ideas.


VISHON delivers inventive ideas through simple investment strategies.

Active in 4 European countries

12 custodian banks

90% of client base are entrepreneurs

93% client retention

This is us in a nutshell

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